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Register your company as a legal entity and obtain the licenses and permits from regulatory bodies to legally operate a Forex brokerage. Research and understand the regulatory requirements for operating a brokerage in your target jurisdiction. To solve our own problem, we created a website that helps investors find, learn and compare the different platforms to save and invest online. Toni is a Fintech Analyst with over 8 years of experience in the financial industry where he worked as a financial control analyst at a regional bank and later conducted independent investment research analysis.

It encapsulates key features that allow seamless transactions and real-time analytics. You just need to consider your own goals and objectives before deciding which one is right for you. Based on our research we selected FXWhiteLabel as the Best Forex White Label Provider Overall. The provider is a one-stop solution for all brokerage needs providing the fastest and most reliable MT4 and MT5 Plugins.

White Label Digital Advisor Software

Comprehensive positions screen gives traders the most up to date information about their trading activity and allow to monitor their portfolio on the go from anywhere in the world where the Internet connection exists. The screen shows a list of positions by current account with short information about each position. Make quick trades, sort positions or tap to see detailed information about a specific position.

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Trading on the go, from the palm of a hand has never been more more functional and convenient. Since 2005, We have been offering proprietary trading technology solutions and customizable applications designed to effectively minimize risks and simplify the management of equity trading. Systems such as Business Intelligence help brokers increase their revenues, cut costs, and optimize risks. These products are often the reason behind higher profitability, better broker margins, and various crisis preventions.

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This makes it an ideal option for small to medium-sized firms looking to enter the Forex industry. It allows them to offer the same trading services as established brokers without the costly investment. Saxo Bank, a well-known Danish investment bank, has developed a robust and comprehensive white label program that allows businesses to provide their own branded trading and investment platforms to their customers. It primarily caters to institutional clients, such as banks, brokers, family offices, and fund managers, as well as External Asset Management (EAM), Independent Asset Management (IAM), and Independent Financial Advisory (IFA). Currently, they provide services to over 200 banks and brokers, as well as 300+ financial intermediaries. While the specific cost of the white branding fee is not disclosed, it can vary based on the level of customisation required and the unique needs of each broker.

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Sirix trading platform offers a user-friendly interface with one-click execution and advanced charting. It can be customized with a broker’s own logo and design scheme to maintain a consistent brand identity. The platform also includes a visually effective dashboard that provides comprehensive information about traders’ accounts. Saxo Bank is a leading provider of white-label trading solutions, offering a range of products and services for banks, brokers, fintechs, insurance companies, and wealth managers. The bank’s white-label offering is known as Saxo Markets, which provides a turnkey solution for businesses looking to offer trading and investment services under their brand.

Premier Trading Simulation Solutions for Proprietary Trading Firms

Sirix Mobile ensures that traders remain connected, allowing them to capitalize on trading opportunities from anywhere in the world, anytime. A cornerstone in trading infrastructure, MetaTrader 4 commands an astounding 90% of the Forex trading volume. This platform has not only won the trust of traders but also the endorsement of hundreds of brokers globally. A white label Forex signal is a perfect solution for those who are looking to get into the Forex market with limited experience and knowledge.

  • With the XOH Trader platform, brokers can access a modern and cutting-edge environment designed for every type of brokerage.
  • This means that to meet the current market demands, new brokers must offer crypto trading.
  • Our advanced back office portal with OMS automates execution, pre- and post-trade risk management, compliance and reporting.
  • The current FX market has witnessed the emergence of numerous white-label providers that deliver premier forex platform templates at affordable prices.
  • Create simulated trading competitions to acquire new clients and increase customer loyalty of existing clients.

They also provide daily account management and operational support through prime services and 24/7 IT maintenance to ensure that their partners can rely on the platform to be up and running without technical issues. With the XOH Trader platform, brokers can access a modern and cutting-edge environment designed for every type of brokerage. The platform is equipped with advanced technical tools such as templates, overlay charts, personalized chart views, detached and floated charts. The branded platforms are available on both the web and mobile, with advanced branding possibilities enabling their partners to start a new line of business immediately.

Tradesmarter Trading Products

Based on HTML5 technology the responsive design of ETNA Digital Advisor runs within any web browser – mobile or desktop. Unique web application eases up the maintenance of Digital Advisor, speeds up the delivery of new functionality and releases, creates smooth and consistent user experience across all platforms and devices. Available as a part of iOS mobile trading platform package, the app allows watching streaming quotes, positions, account balances and orders. Price alerts, watch lists, positions and account information stream in real time and is synced between the web trading platform and mobile applications.

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To get an accurate quote for the white branding fee, you need to contact IBKR directly and discuss your specific requirements with them. The application review generally takes 2-3 weeks, and we noted that they require $10,000 to be funded into your account, which will be applied towards your first five months of commissions. The white branding fee for IBKR is not disclosed and can vary depending on the level of customization needed and the broker’s specific requirements.

IBKR provides white-label clients with ready-made liquidity options from forex financial markets, offering over 100+ currency options straight from the get-go. It comes equipped with dynamic risk management tools that facilitate the creation of unlimited groups and a high-risk watchlist, allowing customization based on countries or campaigns. What is Analytical Crm TradeSmarter emerges as a comprehensive brokerage solution, providing a seamless fusion of a front-end trader’s room, a state-of-the-art trading platform, and an efficient back-office system. The platform offers advanced indicators and chart analysis tools for traders seeking depth, paving the way for informed trading decisions.

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The platform’s aesthetics complement its functionality, offering a visually appealing and user-friendly interface. Having such a ready-to-go solution can be a significant advantage in the fast-paced world of financial markets, where trends shift rapidly and user demands evolve. It allows businesses to focus on what they do best – serving their clients and understanding market trends – rather than getting bogged down in the technicalities of software development.

Leverate offers a package for Forex brokers looking to establish themselves called “SmartStart”. It is an all-in-one affordable brokerage package designed to help individuals launch their fully-branded Forex/CFD/Crypto brokerage. With SmartStart, Leverate provides a comprehensive solution that includes all the necessary tools and resources to build a successful brokerage from the ground up. Whether you’re a startup or an established firm in the trading and investment industry, a white label platform can be a game-changer. So, read on to discover our list of the best white label trading and investment platforms and what features to look for when choosing a provider.

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Whether it’s a specific paint color, advanced tech features, or even a unique set of wheels, these customizations make the car uniquely yours. Some providers will charge you a monthly fee, while others will take a percentage of your profits. However, there are also a number of free Forex white label providers that can help you get started in the Forex market. These providers typically offer a basic set of features, including a customizable platform and branding options. Ultimately, it’s important to choose a provider offering transparent pricing and comprehensive services to help you manage costs. When evaluating different white label providers, make sure to ask about all of the fees and services included in the package, as well as any additional costs that may arise.